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eDron Project under construction


The e-Dron Project aims: 'to broaden the material limits of sculpture through integrating it with the aerial space. Defying gravity and the right angle the sculpture's position in the aerial space becomes undetermined. It surpasses its ontological duality of foreground / background. I call these flying poetic objects UFS- Unidentified Flying Sculptures. Since these objects have no association with any recognizable objects they cannot be identified. Its subject matter is neither symbolic nor expressive of any idea foreign to its absolute artistic nature. Parmenides's identity principle  - to be or not to be - crashes in the air! And so the materiality of its very flight becomes one of the elements of the piece, if not the main one '.

eDron Studios is a space for artists, social thinkers, and engineers to collaborate in creating art with drones. It's main goal is to create UFS poetic flying events. 

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